Our FAQ aims to answer frequently asked questions regarding our service and general travel. Feel free to call or read our privacy policy below.

Are you a Travel Agency?

More than a Travel Agency, Island Bwoy Travel works with a group of certified Travel Agents, Travel Consultants and service providers located around the world. This allows us to offer you the best rates and service possible. Our attention to detail, worldwide travel experience and network sets us apart. Island Bwoy Travel negotiates the lowest prices and give the best travel advice.

How can I pay the rate I want?

Island Bwoy Travel has relationships with travel service providers around the world. This allows us to negotiate the best prices on your behalf. Based on your travel history and preferences, we can get you a 4-star hotel at a 2-star price.

Can you help me to get a visa/ travel documents?

We do not offer visa application services. However, we can provide the support and advice you need to make an application. Visa Application Centers may require air/accommodation documents based on where you are traveling to. In such a case, we are happy to assist but advise that you follow the visa application guidelines provided by the embassy/consulate of the destination country.

Do you offer 24/7 support for travelers?

Yes. Consider us your personal concierge. We will make sure you make your flight and check-in to your room smoothly. We can even make emergency phone calls on your behalf during your trip.

How, when and where to travel?

Island Bwoy Travel will do more than make your hotel booking. We research the best flights and connections based on your location. Let us know your interests and travel dates and we can tailor a package to you.

What happens when I make a booking?

Upon finalizing a booking, we may require personal information to conduct business/bookings on your behalf. We require each client to fill out a Guest Information Form as standard. This form captures your preferences and personal details that our travel partners may need to know such as allergies, disabilities or special requests.

How do I find answers to other questions?

For additional information regarding booking cancelation and internet privacy laws, please see our privacy policy.